Lightning Protection Services in Hague, Colonial Beach & King George, VA

Lightning Protection Services in Hague, Colonial Beach & King George, VA

When Lightning Strikes a Tree

Are you worried about lighting damaging your trees and home? Don't get stuck with property damage expenses caused by lightning. Lightning can cause significant damage to trees, and fallen branches from a lightning strike can cause substantial damage to your home or vehicle. Carey's Tree Service protects your loved ones and property from injury and damage that may readily be prevented.

We've got all heard horror stories about people getting struck by lightning, however a tree expert could confirm that trees are far more frequently the targets during a storm. Since trees contain a high level of moisture and water is a better conductor than air, unprotected trees are quickly and severely damaged or destroyed when lightning strikes. The power from lightning swells throughout the water in the trunk of a tree causing it to become overheated and explode, blasting the bark and frequently the whole trunk. The results can be catastrophic.

Some Trees Are More Vulnerable Than Others

Trees in close proximity to your home or business ought to be assessed due to their susceptibility to lightning strikes. Several significant factors are considered to be able to safely protect a tree from storm damage; such as the species of the tree, its elevation, and how close it is to any building or structure. The qualified tree experts in Carey's Tree Service are available to ascertain the ideal protection for your property in the Hague, Colonial Beach & King George, VA area.

Advanced Storm Protection for Trees

Carey's Tree Service, LLC 's technologically innovative system protects your property and the people on it with the setup of equipment developed to properly distribute the danger when a tree is struck by lightning. Functioning as a much better conductor than any tree, our technicians set up specialized metal sticks to channel lightning to the floor. Our lightning protection systems won't ever interfere with the healthy growth of your trees and preserve your commercial or residential home in Hague & Colonial Beach, VA.